Stuart Boyle Photography

Stuart Boyle – Photographer

I'm not sure what initially sparked my interest in photography but so far it has been a 30 year journey of my 44 years.

My first camera was a cartridge film compact, very basic colour camera. Intrigue and the joy of experimenting with angles and colour and the anticipation of what would be on my 4" x 6" badly processed photos were returned from the local pharmacist who doubled as the local photo processor, kept me keen to explore more. I was about 10 year old. I also had great joy looking at my parent's old photos, some taken with my Mum's Box Brownie camera, which was great to play with, if only I had had some film.

When my parents returned from and overseas trip with a Ricoh XR10 film camera my passion was only intensified. Around the same time my Dad purchased a Nikon film camera and when he would let me I would also snap off a few rolls with his camera as well. It gave me a better understanding of how different cameras handle different light and situations.

In my late twenties I completed a twelve month photography course at Photography Studies College in Melbourne, the course stretched me further and allowed me to develop my skills in colour and black and white photography, film processing and photo printing.

I have always enjoyed very colourful natural settings for my photography; I have often found myself drawn to the ocean and beach settings for a lot of my work. I have photographed a couple of weddings but nature is far easier to control than a bridal party.

I use natural light and use little if any computer manipulation of any of my photos. For the last 4 years I have mainly used digital cameras, the newest addition is a Nikon D300 and various Panasonic digital SLR style cameras.

Digital photography allows instant gratification, being able to photograph, print and frame my own images is very satisfying.

I have won 2 Photographic awards:
•  Vision at Heritage 08 – Best Landscape Photograph
•  Phillip Island Arts Competition – Best use of light in Landscape

I have also had 2 photos featured in A Textile Art Exhibition at Boroondara Town Hall Gallery as part of a Textile Wearable art Exhibition.